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7/30/2010 to 8/6/2010

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State Performance Management Clearinghouse (CLHS)
2010 Grant Review

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Grant Review: July 30 – August 6, 2010 
You will need the following information to evaluate applications for the 2010 CSBG T/TA State Performance Management Clearinghouse (CLHS) Grant Review. It is expected that you will have read all documents listed under Downloadable Files prior to the Orientation Conference Call scheduled July 30th. 
We appreciate your agreement to participate as a Grant Reviewer. Please be mindful that Reviewer Recruitment is based on a projected application count. If the number of applications actually received does not warrant the number of Reviewers recruited, you may be dis-invited or asked to serve as an Alternate. This bears no reflection on individual expertise.
Mandatory Training
State Performance Management Clearinghouse (CLHS)
Grant Review FY 2010
July 30, 2010
11:00 am – 11:05 am
Welcome and Introductions
Michelle Sweeney
Team WilDon, Inc.
11:05 pm –11:10 am
HHS Policy to Ensure Fair Competition
Darcia Brown
Grants Management Specialist on behalf of the Office of Grants Management
11:10 pm – 11:45 pm
Program Overviews and Review Process: Assessing the Application and Recording Strengths and Weaknesses in Accordance with the Announced Criteria
Janelle George
Division of State Assistance with the Office of Community Services
11:45 pm – 12:00 pm
Administrative and Logistical Arrangements
Michelle Sweeney
Team WilDon, Inc.
12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Questions and Answers
Office of Community Services and Team WilDon
·         July 30th    11:00AM – 12:30PM EST – Mandatory Training; All Participants
·        July 30th     12:30PM – 1:00PM EST  – Chairperson Only
To join the Conference Call, please dial the following number and use the corresponding pass code:
Phone: 1-800-853-3897                         Pass code:  247832
Reviewers must participate on this call.  It is strongly recommended that all callers use a land phone line.
Please do not use cellular phones.


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